How it Works

Once logged in, the menu bar at the top of the browser gives you various controls as follows:

  1. Dashboard – shows a summary of your profile indicating your earnings balance, a log of recent account activity, and orders you are currently working on.
  2. Settings – takes you to a page where you can edit your profile details, including password and areas of proficiency. You are not allowed to edit some of the details, hence those will not have an editing option.
  3. Messages – indicates all the unread messages in your account.
  4. Available – Indicates the orders available for bidding. Clicking on the order takes you to the specific order-details where you can place a bid if you are competent of handling it.
  5. Current – Indicates orders that you have been assigned after bidding. Or those that have been returned back on revision.
  6. Editing – indicates orders that you have sent but are awaiting checks such as plagiarism, grammar and formatting requirements, before being sent to the customer.
  7. Completed – indicates orders sent to the customer after passing the editing stage. Customers can still request revisions on such orders for failure to meet the instructions outlined.
  8. Dispute – indicates orders disputed by the customer. Payment for these is dependent  on the outcome from the dispute resolution process.
  9. Earnings – Gives the transaction history of all earnings, including fines.

Once an order is placed on the system, you receive an e-mail notification of the order so that you can log into your account, review the order details, and place a bid on the order if you are competent of handling it. The support will review the bids placed and assign it to the most appropriate writer. Writers who have proven they can deliver quality work and consistently meet deadlines are promoted to an advanced writer status. Advanced writers can take a specified number of orders without having to undergo the bidding procedure. Consistent poor quality for an advanced writer will result to his/her lowering to a basic writer status.

Information concerning our payment options is available on the payments link. For other inquiries, you can contact us by creating a ticket at the support link. Indicate the writer ID in the subject of the message.