How soon should I expect to hear from you once I register?

Once you have given us the required information and sent it, a customer care person will have to go through it and ensure that it you are qualified to work with us and then a panel will have to go through the same to certify that you can start freelance writing with us. This takes 2-5 days.

How much should I expect from writing?

The amount of money that you get is per order basis and this is also determined by the length of the paper(s) you write, the level of the paper and the urgency that it is needed.

How will this money reach me?

When you are registering with us, you will be required to give us account details on how you would want us to pay you. We give a number of options so yours is to select which best suits you and if you do not have any account you will have to open at least one from the variety that we provide to you.

Are all your writers at the same level?

The different levels that we accord to our writers differ depending on how much work a particular writer is able to do within a stipulated time-frame and for this they get bonuses if they did exemplarily well. Your commitment, dedication and hard work will determine how much your bonus will be at the end of the month.

Do you fine your writers?

Every writing job that a writer is given has to be accompanied by certain regulations which will have to be met by the writer who is assigned to the particular task. If these specifications are not met and our client is not satisfied the particular writer will have to be fined.