About Us

Writing Champion is a company that offers an opportunity to freelance writers to explore their writing expertise and get paid for it.

You will be able to do this at the convenience of working at a place of choice including your own home! We are an equal opportunity company that does not favor and we offer the best services to all our writers by having you work with the best clients who will be sure to pay well once the work is done. Once you start working with Writing Champion you will have the freedom to time yourself and have your own time-frames and deliver the finished work as agreed.

We offer a number of payment options and you will be given a chance to have us pay you in the most convenient method for you. You will therefore be required to give us some personal details like your account details in the specific payment structure that you would want us to use so that we can be able to forward your money to you in the most secure manner possible.

You will not need to pay any start-up money when you are registering to work with us. We do not ask for any registration fee and as long as you meet the given requirements and have been approved by our team, you can start working and earning immediately. We will create an account for you where you can keep track of your money as it gets in and this account also helps to facilitate any withdrawals that you may want to make.

When you choose to work with Writing Champion you will not need to look for work. We do that for you and send you what we think is appropriate. Your privacy is guaranteed if you wish to work anonymously so you have no course to worry.